06 August 2013

Potty Training Time

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Who will win the Potty Training Challenge?

Dunn dunn dunnnnnnnn!

The time has come. Boy and kitten will both be learning how to use the potty. Kitten has had a marginal head start, but Boy has used his duck potty and the floor about the same amount of times. Factor in kitten years vs boy years and I think it's even.

Losing for ME, however, is not an option.

Tomorrow Tristan's undies are being delivered in a box that I will turn into a big deal somehow...I have one pack already so I'll give those to him tomorrow and then on Thursday he can unwrap the rest as part of a Big Boy Promotion.

I'm trying the Three Day Potty Training Method since it's worked so well with people I know. Basically it's just a free-fall with the basis being see-ya diapers! I can't even begin to imagine how this is going to go down.

One of my Preemie Pen Pal friends  and co-writer at our blog Preemie Resources is ready to give this a whirl so we're going to hold each other's hands...from here to Texas, however it goes down! Her daughter Coco is about a month older than Tristan. We're PSYCHED. OK, we're both really nervous but want to hop on the horse before it rides out of Dodge.

Go big or go home...or in this case, go big and stay home until we're fit to be seen in public again.

Fingers crossed!

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