07 August 2013

Kitten Orphan Update no. 2

newborn kitten update, caring for newborn kitten, weaning kittens
::everybody dance now::

It's our second week with our orphaned kitten, Stormborn. She is doing ah-MA-ZING! There has been a huge difference in her since last week when I took her to the vet. She's finished her eye drops (no more conjunctivitis) and the weight gainer they put her on is really adding some bulk. She must be 12 oz by now. Pretty soon I can take her on the scale with me and know for sure!

She still appears to be a girl.

Her age remains a mystery. She is teething, has her canines, but won't get off the bottle...

Maybe she just needs that bottle-fed-love for a little longer. It's not like she'll go to college still hooked on the thing.

On Sunday she played for the first time! She held a heart-shaped mouse and wiggled. She also gave running a try and wants to pounce but isn't sure how to go about that. Do I have to teach her that, too?

On Monday she used a vintage Fisher Price car like a scooter.

kittens doing silly things, newborn kitten learning to play

Leaps & bounds!!!


  1. I am so thrilled that a sweet kitten has found such a loving home. she was very lucky to have made it to you when she did, and that you heart was ready for her. I cannot wait to read more updates.

  2. Thanks, Valerie! She's been such a huge blessing for such a teensy thing :)


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