08 August 2013

Getting Pumped for Potty Training!

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Fun gift bag of undies to open in the morning and popsicle sticks for frosting dippin'!

Well, today is the day! I packaged his undies with confetti for his big graduation and figured out a potty-reward treat: M&M's? No. Chips? No. Stickers? No. My boy loves frosting something fierce! I have a jar of it hidden in the fridge because if he sees it he will find a spoon and chase me sing-songing mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm mmmmmnnnnn! all around the apartment. I didn't have a cute/special spoon and I want him to know it's something different and special so I'll be serving it up with pop-sticks.

He got a delivery of two more packs of undies yesterday. He picked the package off the doorstep and carried it over to Bran and we both cheered the arrival of his Big Boy Undies as he unwrapped each pair and laid them out on the table. He'd woken up from nap dry and used his duck potty and later tried to go again but instead filled up my shoe with his pee...while my foot was still in it. Oh, the joys...

I have a lot of faith in him. I outlined some ideas of things to do while we hunker down for three days and don't leave the apartment. It's supposed to be done with one primary person but Brandon will be with him for a few hours while I'm at an appointment. Otherwise, it'll be the two of us. I plan to do a lot of organizing with him; the spaces under the sinks have gotten crazy and he thinks it's a great deal to be able to sort through them.

Maybe we'll make cookies.

His partner in Potty Training Crime is pumped, too. It's Tristan & Coco, cheering each other on (and the mommies making sure the other stays sane).

Here is the 3 Day Potty Training Method we're using!


  1. One thing to keep in mind when it comes to sleep is that there's a hormone or something (maybe vasopressin?) that regulates bladder control in sleep - until you have it, sleep dryness is a toss up. P. was dry during the day for ages before she could stay dry at night. Then it just happened. (I don't know if that 3-day thing addresses that or not!)

  2. No! Thank you so much for telling me that...so helpful! The 3 day lady doesn't mention that and the other thing that bugs me is like "throw away all the diapers." I get that they could be a crutch but could we at least donate them? Silly thing but it bugged me :P


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