15 August 2013

The Bedroom War That Doesn't Have to be Fought

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What's a boy to do when the crib converts into a bed? WHATEVER HE WANTS! within reason, that is.

When I put these collage montages together this entry was going to be all about how we conquered bedtime battles over his crib-to-bed conversion. But toddlers move a mile a minute and now we're knee deep into other stuff. I still want to write about it, though, so we'll start here. There's plenty of time for our new adventures (actually there isn't because they'll be yesterday's news by the weekend right?!). Note to self: write faster. Hah!

Since we share a room it doesn't matter where Tristan goes to sleep. Sometimes he wants to sleep in his bed but usually he wants to climb into our big comfy king bed (can I blame him?!) and go night-night there. It's a little kid's dream. There are so many pillows and blankets for him to use. Bedtime forts! However, even if he had his own room I wouldn't care if he needed to roam around as long as it's a safe space. He is learning how to settle himself down and put himself to sleep.

[caption id="attachment_1069" align="aligncenter" width="300"]bed training toddlers, how toddlers sleep best, what happens after baby is too big for crib Here, there, everywhere. Disclaimer: the cat carrier is just a joke! I mean, he's in it but not for night-night.[/caption]

Back in the crib days he'd play with his pile of little stuffies for around 45 minutes before falling asleep. I can't expect that aspect to stop - just change. Instead of little stuffies he has bigger and better things to move around. He spends the same amount of time doing just that and then I go in to make sure there isn't anything over his face..................and take a photo. OF COURSE! I have to. 

These moments are precious and fleeting. 

...like I've mentioned.

Toddlers are learning so much, so quickly, and as parents we have to pick our battles. For us this just isn't one of them.

He gets tucked in, kisses us good night, says luh oo tooooo! buh bye where you goin? oh, nigh nighhhh! When the door closes he does his thing quietly and goes to sleep. Happily...and that was our main goal. Bedtime without upset.

If you've transitioned from the crib what tricks helped your toddler feel comfortable?


  1. We didn't have to do anything. It was like we hadn't taken the side off the crib at all. It literally took a year for P. to be willing to get out of bed herself. She's just call out "Mama! I'm awake!" And these days, after months of coming upstairs to cuddle each morning, she's back to not wanting to get out of bed alone.

  2. I am jealous. I have wondered over and over and over how removing one side of the same crib unit could cause such hoopla!

  3. Sounds like its going very well, I'm so glad. And I love the pics you get each night. When corina switched to her 'big girl bed' we went thru a time where we would sit in there with her while she went to sleep. E she got used to going to bed on her own, which was fabulous!! We keep her Dora fold out couch in our room in case she wakes up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. But since she's going thru a 'scary' phase where she's afraid to even go up to the bathroom by herself, she's been sleeping in our room. She goes up to bed with daddy and I switch her to the Dora couch when I go up. I never believed in kids sleeping in bed with parents but I also never knew I'd marry a guy that goes to bed at 8:30!! I'm glad he's doing so well and is content with going to bed by himself.


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