13 August 2013

Upcycled Magazine Painting

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Glossy fashion art paper!
Love paint? Need paper.

Subscribe to magazines? Got paper.

This spring a glorious fashion spread was laid out in Marie Claire magazine but since I'm no longer in college with white lacquered cinderblock walls I don't tear and tape anymore. Occasionally I'll frame a really great image. True story.

But now I have my own little artist: Tristan. What would he do if I gave him the images to enhance?

Gorgeous upcycled art! WIN.

Recently I saw an adult take on this idea where someone painted all the models into sugar skulls - so very Dia de los Muertos and it was love. As he gets older we could pick themes and make them super hero models, glowing aliens, or creatures with antlers. 

Anyway, I kept these up for a long time and then they were very easy to scan (which is how I save most of his artwork) so I wanted to be sure to pass this idea along. I know that if it were just Brandon and me we'd probably turn this idea into a date night...we love working on projects together. C is for clubbing crafting and that's always a good time!

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  1. Ok so since I'm a little slow I have toask, you just paint on the magazine pages? Never thought of that.


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