27 September 2013

She Doesn't Know What an Unbirthday is!

26thunbirthday 189
There are 364 Unbirthdays every year

That is why we've gathered here to cheer! I can't believe how time has flown - I had several heart attacks yesterday as I looked back on photographs from last year's Unbirthday Celebration.

1.5 surrounded by the mama&papa-razzi

Where did my little toddler go? The other 187 days...364...the year grew him up some more! Last year he toddled to & fro in his new boots and rode in the BabyHawk carrier. This year he held my hand as we strolled down to the pet supply shop. He picked out a few treats for Stormborn
43576 tiny mice that got vetoed. An owl that says "whoooo" (when he does it, not on it's own), a dotted catnip fish, and a pink spider with seven legs. He tore the 8th off when removing that pesky tag the company put on (as IF that was a good idea to put it there, hello marketing).

unbirthday party

When we got home he reminded me it was time to make the "cake" right away. Treat, cake. Treat, cake, treat, cake...

Check, boss, I hear ya.

He's been loving marshmallows ever since he found a bag in the cabinet and chewed his way through the plastic. Now I have to hide them. Coincidentally Duncan Hines makes these new-ish frosting flavor packs so I had gotten him the chocolate-marshmallow flavoring and so we took it from there. Warning: if you visit that link please note the dangerous seasonal flavors!

unbirthday party cake, half for half year, six month party

Waiting is the hardest part. He secured an early slice by face planting into one of of the quarters as I was working on the layers. Well, played, Tris...well played.

Next year I'll start surprising him with the date (until then I don't think he would have understood). He'll only know that it will happen around his halfyear...

This is going to be fun!

It has been so far.

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