26 September 2013

From One Halfyear to the Next

celebrating halfyear birthdays, unbirthday
...a very merry unbirthday 1.5

Where has my little toddler gone? and how has the time flown by so quickly? I wanted to take him back to the Pop-up Garden this year but since I'm still not feeling up for such a big adventure we'll wait. Instead I'll be taking him down to the pet supply shop so he can get Stormborn her kibble and pick out a toy for her. She's his responsibility (in some ways!) and he takes his jobs very seriously. It's very sweet and I think he'll love doing it.

I can't believe he met his first hula hoop for the first time last year. He finally fit into his Baby Docs and we stopped in the store in matching boots. The employees loved it and took our picture. ONE YEAR AGO! It feels like yesterday in so many ways.

baby docs, matching dr martens, dr marten store walnut st
Baby Docs & Mamma Docs

Now I'm off to celebrate Unbirthday 2.5!

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