23 September 2013

Inside Healing, Wheeling, and Dealing

I am here! Things have been a little bumpy since I was gutted. I'm not healing as fast as I'd like (need for speed!) but do we ever? It's disappointing to watch the seasons change from inside wearing my stretchy pants. I just want to get out! I want to take Tristan running in the autumn breeze with his new ribbon toy and I want to hoop with my feet in the grass while it's still warm. I have a feeling it's going to be a while for that dream so I'm glancing at some light-weight hoops that I can use for arm-tricks, etc. Something is better than nothing, right? But that's still a while off. I'm just frustrated and stir crazy.

However, I finally opened my Etsy shop (and made my first sale!)!!! Now when you click that button at the top of my page that says "shop" it'll take you places! I have a lot more to add (variety is the spice!) but for now it's these very darling sugar skull cameos. They come in three color combinations. This one would be for pastel goths. Did you know that's a new label? I just learned it. Softer goths who like mermaids and their black with a splash of pastel and a side of sparkle. I'm so oldschool it hurts.  KIDDING!

urbanflowerpot crafts etsy, sugar skull cameos

Life is horizontal as much as possible. Tristan has been quite good about this and Stormborn doesn't mind at all. Bran hasn't let me lift a finger all weekend so I'm hoping the angry wound will calm down. I'll see how it goes today and then possibly go in tomorrow if it isn't improving. I feel like I regressed in healing by a week or so...not good.

I finished reading Clash of Kings! I was going to take a break and read the sequel to Divergent (Insurgent!) but it's getting crazy difficult to dodge Game of Throne spoilers. For real. I haven't seen season three of the show but most people have so it is everywhere! I adore the books and can't believe my reading hiatus kept me from even knowing about them when they originally came out. I need to read another 800+ pages before I am in the clear. So sorry, Insurgent, Storm of Swords wins. I hate waiting for sequels anyway so by the time I get to it Allegiant should be coming right out of the publishing gates. Oh, and I finished Compendium One of The Walking Dead last week...or the week before. Time is mushy these days.

18th1 210
Coincidental Baratheon & Stark shirt seen with a Targaryen cat

I took a walk on the wild side last week by taking Tristan for a stroll. It was beautiful out and he held my hand sweetly so I wouldn't trade this moment in for anything. We found a full bookshelf and an empty trunk by a curb so he played with that (and if I'd been better I would have snagged the trunk for sure!). I also took two floor tiles for him to paint on with a fly swatter. Yeah, you read that right.

19th 154
The sweetest moments...

My nails have been growing nicely - when I get brave I'll post my before pictures. They were down to the quick and my skin was splitting open before I started taking care of them. I just didn't know how. Now, check it! I'm so proud and don't hide them anymore! I've been putting a layer of Creme n Sugar glitter polish on in between strengthening coats 1. because it drives me crazy when colored polish chips and 2. because it makes me happy. This chick is seriously gifted with glitter mixing (it's a talent, really). When I'm reading my George RR Martin by booklight they shimmer and cast holographic reflections like a crystal ball. TALENT! and how can that not make someone smile?

21st 142
Creme n Sugar - The After Party[

...and then there is Stormborn. What a nerd. She is growing very tall and long but not gaining any weight (still 2.4 lbs) but this might be the preemie-mom-obsessive-compulsive part of me who is worrying. She yakked for a couple of days but I think it was because she was getting into dairy via Tristan the Smuggler. SHE LOVES PEOPLE FOOD. I don't know why. My other two cats didn't until I introduced them to it - which I only did with the first one. I didn't let Lily try human food so she was never a beggar (other than for toast). Now there is Stormborn who will lick the laundry to get a taste of Tristan's dinner. Normal? I think not.

21st 237

That's a wrap for now. I'm seeing a crafty friend later this morning and I am SO EXCITED because she made a couple of custom pendants for me! One Neil Gaiman and one George RR Martin. Yeah, author necklaces. SQUEE!

Here is her shop.

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