13 September 2013

Sunshine Alpacas


Healing is hard with a toddler. There is a lot of bending and moving; it makes me dizzy. My skeleton grin is healing nicely from the outside. I have had some moments that catch me on the inside and cause me to grip whatever is near; clutch through the waves of pain. It's been two weeks now. If I look back on yesterday it feels the same but if I think about where I was a week ago I'm heaps better.

Luckily we haven't had any deliveries so I haven't had to deal with the stairway to heaven/hell...'cause you know sometimes words have two meanings. I've had to go up and down a couple times in the last two days and the most horrifying thing to me? My muscles hurt! I'm losing my stairwell-edge!


I'm not that upset. I live here and can usually sprint up and down six times before breaking breath so when I recover I'll reconquer.

It's breaking my heart that I haven't been able to take Tristan out. I've held him a couple of times for the biggest hugs and so my strength is slowly returning.

Meals have been so helpful - and! I discovered the freezer section of my online grocery store! (duh, right?)

Bookworm update: almost done with Walking Dead's Compendium One (noOOoo! what will I do without Two?!); a third of the way through Stephen King's On Writing (I never thought Stevie King would make me cry from sorrow but there's another never broken, right?); 75% through A Clash of Kings.

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