11 September 2013

The Napkin | a Dose of Toddler Honesty

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Once upon a time, not more than a few months ago, I bought a pack of pretty paisley napkins. They were at the wacky dollar store, so for a dollar we could use pretty lime green and royal blue paisley napkins instead of paper towel corners. Our apartment doesn't give us a whole lot of space for etiquette. Cabinets are limited and I have three organizing baskets on top of the fridge. One holds two paper towel rolls perfectly. Underneath I keep a pack of paper napkins and a set of cloth. Boom, done.

It's really no biggie - chances are that's what most people do even if they have gobs of space that would be ideal to store packages of napkins or more than one set of cloth. ...or maybe not.

Before my surgery I was setting the table for dinner when my hand hit the paisley pack. Ohh yeah! I forgot about these! May as well use them... and so I laid them out and called the boys to dinner.

When Tristan walked in and saw our table flair he cried out, "BIRTHDAY??!!" with his little dude voice filled with joy and hopes of cake.

No, Tris. Real napkins aren't just for birthdays.


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