09 September 2013

Last Month in Instagram Square Pegs

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Instagram Monthly Challenge | August

Some months seem to fly by but August crept slowly. Usually I do this post on the first of the month following the challenge so maybe it feels extra long ago because I'm a week behind.

Or maybe it was just slow.

August was spent inside - it was miserably hot out and we had discovered that all the pain I felt could explode like motion-sensitive ovarian bombs. It just wasn't inspiring for outdoor adventuring (and certainly no hooping).

BUT WE GOT A KITTEN! OK, so technically she made her appearance at the end of last month's collage but the excitement didn't dwindle.
SheTristan got new/old vintage Fisher Price toys. Stormborn went from bottle to solids and gained just over a pound (from  her starting weight of 8 oz).

There was my preemie group get together in Connecticut where we ate at Denny's, swam, and drank in the motel hallway (all age appropriate beverages).

I started burning nag champa and wearing jasmine oil because apparently I'm having a flashback to 1999...but I'm lovin' it.

Created my favorite glitter bomb mani yet. Started reading The Walking Dead Compendium (one)...I used it for my "slow" photo prompt because I only read it when doing doorstop duty. ...and because I can't believe I watched a show before reading something. NO! But I will be caught up and beyond by the time season four starts.

Quickie oven dinners became a staple driving the heat up inside; our oven is from the 1970's and heats up like a beast then needs several hours to cool off but it's a necessary evil.

Then there was surgery............which brings us up to date!

I'm glad that summer is over. If it isn't a California one, I'd like to just live in autumn, winter, and spring.

[caption id="attachment_1144" align="aligncenter" width="300"]...and here were the prompts via FatMumSlim.com.au ...and here were the prompts via FatMumSlim.com.au[/caption]

JOIN ME THIS MONTH! Here is a link to the new challenge and where to find me!

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