06 September 2013

Skellington Smiles | Spilling My Guts Some More

I had just started to write a silly little story about napkins when my phone rang. It's been exactly one week since I was discharged and the doctor wanted to check in on me. That was nice especially since I have wanted to call and ask about my surgery more...and tell them that I was running low on pain meds. I didn't think they'd care so I've been cutting them into pieces even when I'm so blurry from the pain; just to take the edge off...just to help me fall asleep or get back to sleep. Every other time: suck it up, yo.

The pain at this point isn't much different than what I was experiencing daily. It's just different. I mean there is a Jack Skellington incision through my gut that swells with my mood. I was whole before but now my insides are supposed to be reattaching...I still haven't even seen two of the incisions because their hyper-strong bandages are supposed to fall off on their own and I am not to pull them even a little. I remember them telling me that a LOT.

laparotomy scar, scar like jack skellington grin
What's this?? MY SCAR!

When you're on free-flowin' morphine you need things in writing. If this ever happens again I will pack a notepad and pen so that it can be on my bedside table and I can just wave an IV-ed arm and say write it down I won't remember you in five minutes. It's not like they don't go over it. Especially at a teaching hospital. But I was focused more on those interns wondering what kind of Grey's Anatomy mischief they were into after all the questions and head nodding.

So here's what they did:

  • removed right ovary because an "enormous" multi-part cyst was strangling it.

  • right fallopian tube removed (surprise! I didn't know that)

  • cut out a slice of flesh that had grown into the cyst and tube and was feeding it blood.

Everything else is the same as I shared previously, I think...I keep forgetting to ask how my endometrioSIS was (wrote it down for next call or my follow up appointment) but with no mention of it I have to assume that it was under control. The focus has been entirely on the endometriomAS and cysts.

It should take six weeks until I'm 100% - or more when you factor in the bending for toddler hijinx.

Pain meds will be available for me on Monday. Huzzah! I can stop being a freak and just dispense some relief when I need to.

My mother-in-law leaves this evening. I haven't found a cage to keep her in yet but I'm working on it. Seriously, I think I would be apartment roadkill if she hadn't driven (!) up from Alabama.

Hope your weekends are good! I might be one of the few people who isn't sad to see summer go...unless it's a California summer, I just don't want it. Serve up some autumn, winter, and spring, please!



  1. <3 You are so strong and amazing. Sending healing vibes

  2. Surgery is the worst! I hope you feel better soon. :)


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