22 October 2013

All Hallow's Read

shhh...I'm on a book hunt!
shhh...I'm on a book hunt![

I know I often mention my suburbia-envy, like when I'm thinking about opening the backdoor and having a yard for him to run out into. Or when I see blow up pools or big sensory tables. However I LOVE living in the city. We have everything right outside our front door (just not out the back!) and that's pretty neat.

There is this little pre-Halloween tradition that [my favorite] author, Neil Gaiman started a couple of years ago. He suggests that EVERYONE give each other a scary book and call it All Hallow's Read. We can all play! However, locally children of all ages flock to the cemetery and have a scary-book hunt! Here's where it gets tricky to explain because...I've never gone. It's become a father-son tradition.

Here's what Neil Gaiman has to say about All Hallow's Read:

Since I do the Halloween Parade with Tristan, Brandon takes him on the annual book hunt. It's my turn to get cute photos texted to me and then wait for their stories about finding their story. This year Tristan found "What a Scare, Jesse Bear," and several times a day Brandon does dramatic readings of it. Tristan's eyes get huge and he cracks up. It's more than just a book. It's a special memory they'll share and remember together over the years. Even if we move we can still carry on the tradition.

There's still time before Halloween! Run out the back door into that yard of yours and hide a scary book!

All scary books are organized into age appropriate baggies eliminating the chances of finding Cujo or Carrie under a tree.

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