16 October 2013

Why Dontcha Make Some Spooky

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October is for Halloween

You've seen how ambitious I was for Tristan's first Halloween - let's visit the next! Last year he wasn't up for any posing or styling...believe me, I tried. So what I did instead was take one picture during the day and then I started practicing photo editing in PicMonkey (I love that site!). Sometimes creepy, other times silly. I posted them to my Facebook page which not everyone appreciated; nightmare inducing I was told. Hmph. But it's October! October is for Halloween and nightmares. You're welcome!

Anyway, PicMonkey has added SO MUCH awesome stuff over this past year that you should really check it out. You can do so much to a simple photograph...like, you can have the cutest photo of your child and then turn him into a foot-eating zombie or have him be invaded by toxic cats from outer space.

THIS year I am procrastinating.


Tristan is going to be Finn the Human from Adventure Time and I'm going to be Marceline the Vampire Queen (I basically am, anyway, so that's an easy one - jeans, books, tank, black hair). BUT. FINN'S HAT! I hate sewing jersey. I always wind up disassembling my sewing machine because of some nasty snag...so there is this hat taunting me on Amazon. But...but...I am going to quit writing and get to it because that hat is worth a couple glitter polishes...and...I'd rather try fighting the jersey first. Perfect rationale, right?

AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and the hat SOLD OUT OVERNIGHT. OK, this isn't funny anymore. I'll report back later - just cross your fingers!

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