09 October 2013

Halloween Costume Fun with Babies | Infant Cosplay

risky business baby costume
Risky Business, baby!

I had a lot of fun with Tristan when he was a baby. We still have fun! ...but he'd never let me pull the stunts he once did. They've made for some great keepsake photos though, so if you're lucky enough to have a babe around the holiday it's time to get creative.

Did I mention that watercolors make great facepaint?! They do. Non-toxic, of course, but that reminds me that not all washable watercolors are created equal. Do a spot test on you (and they your baby's skin) first!!! I will not be responsible for an army of stained babies.

costume ideas for infants, creative photo ideas to do with baby at Halloween
Project Halloween: costume ideas for infants

This began innocently enough. Tristan was given a few Halloween things to wear and I wanted to be sure he was pictured in each of them. I used to use this blog for mass family updates so there are twelve (12?! I think so) days of outfits and depending on the day was how many poses I'd include. Like if it was the fifth eve of Halloween I'd include five unique shots of him chillin' like a Cabbage Patch Kid or Mummy or whatever he was that day. It was fun!

From left to right, top to bottom he was:

  • a candy corn (seasonal socks, complimentary hat and coincidentally shaded onesie from BabyGap)

  • skeleton (season pajamas)

  • a ghost! (ghost season socks, white onesie and hat with purple dot cheeks to match the socks)

  • beaver

  • Cabbage Patch Kid (third from the left ::wink::)

  • Werewolf! (tough guy onesie from a gym, camo pants, leopard mittens, faux fur hat)

  • Frankenstein Monster Baby! (suit onesie from House of Blues, monster seasonal socks, crocheted hat, faux stitches on head)

  • Monster.

  • Circus Ringmaster! Beanie Babies. No animals were harmed.

Everything used was either a gift, hand me down, or a thrift store score. Not pictured is when I dusted him with baby powder and wrapped him in toilet paper to be a mummy. I didn't  have enough squares in my collage grid and while they were cute none of the pictures were super.

halloween cards from photo edits
Creative Cards Made by my Husband

This was another fun, free thing we did to celebrate our first Halloween as a family: digital cards! My husband made these based on photos we already had: I get Snow White a lot (my cartoon doppelganger), he is always battling video game bosses, and Tristan rocked the Joker in his Batman creeper.

coordinating with baby's  halloween costume
Tot Parade! The outfit he wore out.

For the Halloween Tot Parade he was a bug. It was pretty cold that day so I really like these fuzzy sack outfits. His expression rings true and I admit this was totally a parental moment. FIRST HALLOWEEN, BABY! He even "trick-or-treated" for his first piece of candy. I had to hold myself back from framing it...I'm not joking.

There's just something so exciting about Baby's First ____. I would have bottled every one. Instead I write about them and take tons of pictures which is about as close to bottling the moment as I can get. I have a terrible memory (it's true).

feather boa headdress for baby
Boa Baby

Hope everyone has fun this Halloween season! He definitely wasn't up for these antics the next year so stay tuned for what I did instead...mwhahaaa...

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