07 October 2013

September Square Pegs

september photo challenge, daily photo project
September...in pictures.

September: a month of healing. It feels like the month that never was; the month I hardly noticed.  But that's OK! I'm feeling much better, it's still over 80 degrees each day and the leaves haven't changed.

Tristan and I spent a lot of time together (of course) and we got to know our kitten better. She's a little ferocious so we're working on that. If anyone has raised a single orphaned kitten (as in no other cats in the house) and has any hot tips on training them not to be bitey, I'll take 'em! We look like we've been under attack. I never use my hands as toys with her. Toys are toys. I hope to convey this message. SOON.

I tried to be a little more creative with photo editing this month. I use the time Tristan is settling down in bed to get lost in filters and angles and do most of my work then. It's pretty soothing. I'm still reading! Nearly halfway through Storm of Swords. This book is my final great battle. I'm so close to making it through without having ruined anything major by running into a TV spoiler. and it is amazing.

So up there in the collage you'll see that Tristan is still obsessed with Hot Wheels, our creepy green mask found a new home (not-Halloween-related), I discovered my Disneyland Haunted Mansion limited edition Nightmare Before Christmas CD is not only in my possession but works! It had been in a batch of discs that were soot damaged by the fire. I'm glad I held onto it!

Rag-Dolly is there. Tristan doesn't care for stuffies or dolls...unless they're mine. Then he likes to help and check on them. One night he grabbed Rag-Dolly and ran her into the bathroom for a well-intended toilet bath. Another night he wanted me to help her sit on his potty and "pee" while Tristan pottied on The Big Toilet! It was pretty cool, and Rag-Dolly is very washable.

There is also the Harvest Moon and a glimpse of the sunset I grew up watching every night. Sometimes the California Girl part of me misses the bright colors splashing across the sky so badly. I was pretty lucky to have a painting presented to me every evening through a window frame.

Here are the prompts I used:

[caption id="attachment_1220" align="aligncenter" width="300"]interpretations of fatmumslim's september photo a day Photo prompts from FatMumSlim[/caption]

If you're on Instagram I'd love it if you joined me! Here I am!

Happy October.

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