29 October 2013

votes and over exciteable raccoons

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 Papa did a good job carving Rigby, didn't he? Totally. That button-masher.

So we have a Rigby jack-o-lantern. We have watched so much of the Regular Show that my child is starting to resemble Rigby, the wiry raccoon. Or maybe I just hadn't discovered his doppelganger yet. In any case, when it came time to carve my husband is the illustrator (neither of us do much whittling on the side) and I am the seed-roaster. Tristan wielded dull knives and acted very busy. In the end, though Rigby-the-jack-o-lantern is "cake"...because he gets a candle.

He is very excited for Halloween! We've been practicing the phrase trick or treat. He likes treats...a LOT.

You should see the hysteria every time we have to feed the kitten. There is a bag of treats in the same container as the kibble and while Stormborn is tummy-rumbling hungry Tristan will be crying out treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaatt!!!!!!!!!!!! and shoving the special pellet into her mouth. She doesn't even have time to know what's going on before she's chewing and he's squealing with joy that he just presented his kitten with life's most precious gift: a treat.

My heart bursts little love-bursts every time.

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