01 November 2013

October's Square Pegs

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October's over which means it's time for another grid. It takes me forever because instead of putting them together each day I wait until the end of the month and then it's like a twisted scavenger hunt through the 348577 photos I took (most of which will never see the light off day). I am a notorious digital packrat. But! I discovered there is an app for people like me so I'll try it out and see if it's any good.

This month I added a second daily challenge so if you're following me on Facebook (hello!) or Instagram (I hope so!) you'll see a new hashtag by the name of #raphotoaday. They're really fun, but since I committed to FatMumSlim's photo prompts in February '13 that one remains my focus.

Here is something not pictured: as of a few days ago my recovery from surgery appears to be complete! I have not needed anything for pain and I feel normal doing whatever it is I do - I even brought out a hoop yesterday and did a little of that! I've missed it so much. Once I'm back to where I was I'll start posting progress videos again like when I was here - hoping more people will pick up hooping. Of course I am...

I also started doing a weekly challenge on IG (Instagram, YO!) where every Monday I hold something and show off my nails. It's such stupid fun! Do it.

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October was a really fun month! Tristan watched Nightmare Before Christmas a lot and loves This is Halloween a LOT and can sing it with me in crazy voices. We carved our first family pumpkin. He went to the children's museum with one of his dearest friends and launched rockets with her. I changed my bleached streak from pastel pink to pastel blue - I know, big changes here! Stormborn got longer and one of her magic whiskers broke. Life became all about dinosaurs, robots, and cars here. Tristan calls most people 'bots. I'm unsure if that is a political statement or just a coincidence yet. I finished decorating his big boy corner which is super hero themed - though there is a robot in the fabric I used. He focused on that so I went with it and got decals, too.

Oh, and I almost forgot! My reading update: finished Storm of Swords and then took a break to read both Insurgent and Allegiant - I loved the ending. What did you think? I'm in a book haze from it - you know, where you haven't entirely left that reality yet? Well, I'm back to a Song of Ice and Fire, started Walking Dead Compendium Two, and continue to stroll slowly through On Writing by Stephen King. I also activated my account on Goodreads so once I figure it out I'll post about how we can follow each other. BOOKWORMS UNITE.

I'm also investigating the hype behind Influenster.

Thank you to everyone who voted me the Top 34th Family Blog on Circle of Moms!

...and that's a wrap! Hello, November!

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