12 December 2013

No, THIS was his first snow...

childhood first memories
first REAL snow

Philadelphia is a snowless vortex. The surrounding areas will get piles and piles of white flakes while we get rain. or a snow drizzle. or nothing. Some years it blankets down but it's been four since that happened. I was hoping for better results this year and so far, so good!

Some first memories are definitely for the parents. Tristan's first year was a riot. Like, every time something happened I was there doing it with him and my camera. First rain! First snow! First time touching a tree! (yes, really) and others were more practical like first bath.

No, actually there aren't pictures of his first bath but I don't need them to remember. It took both Brandon and me in full panic mode with Tristan on a bath sponge, completely safe in his inch of water, but we were first time parents and terrified. of a BATH. Now, it's funny, but then it was like the scariest thing ever.

For his first snow[shower] I bundled him up and ran into our front 'yard' (those few feet before the busy street) and stood there taking selfies of us. Brandon was at the gym but I texted him like a maniac and he came RUNNING. Then we got official first snow shots. Brandon is sweaty, I'm frazzled, and Tristan's eyes are like saucers looking up at the sky in wonder while his nose turned red.

Last year it came down hard and fast for a few - I had to move fast because I knew it was going to turn to rain any second. I zipped him down to our porch in his duckie jammers, hat, and gloves then plopped him down on the snow-dusted wood and took pictures of him doing the robot on his knees. Once I had my photographic evidence I grabbed him and we ran back upstairs.

This year was real (and it's only December!). Real snow fell but of course I feared rain so we ran out for a walk in the park as giant flakes fell and began to stick. THIS was Tristan's first snow...the others are mine.

SNOWDEN, SNOWDEN! I swear, that's how he says snowing.


He put on the Russian hat that he wore most of summer finally understanding it's purpose for warmth and ran. He was full of wonder, awe, magic, and glee. It was really snowden.

By the time nap was over it was still snowing with at least four inches on the ground so we went out for an evening romp. We threw snow at each other - kicked it up off the ground. Papa fell in it and turned into a snow monster. I blew snowflakes at his face and he fffffftt them back at me.

We stayed out until he was shivering in his magical wonderland. Then we came in and he discovered snowballs in the cuffs of his pants. Indoor snowball fight. It was a blast.

I'm really glad to be able to share seasons with Tristan. Where I grew up we had two seasons: summer and winter. Summer was hot and dry and everything died. Winter was foggy and everything turned green. It wasn't cool to zip up your coat and you were super lame if you needed more than that. We had killer sunsets and a lemon tree, though! Going to the snow was a winter activity and I hadn't actually seen how the snow got on the ground until I moved east...

except for this one time, maybe. It's my first memory of snow so it might be real, or it might not. That's the thing - we never know what children will remember. I don't remember my brothers being there so either they were to little to go to the snow or they hadn't been born yet. My parents and I were playing with my sand toys in the snow when flakes started falling. My mom probably tried to show me how to catch them on my tongue and my dad took us to a little restaurant with a cuckoo clock for hot chocolate.

There aren't words for most of the memory - just feelings.

I'll be excited to hear Tristan's version someday.

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