10 December 2013

What's the Fuss over Influenster? | Meaningful Beauty Crème de Serum

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Meaningful Beauty compliments of Influenste

Influenster. Everyone seems to be talking about it. Oh, did you get your vox box yet?! Influenster, Influenster, Influenster...

What is it? It's a survey site that asks you to pick a few focus areas that match your life best and fill out some quizzes and reviews. You hook up all your social media so they can see how influential you are (AKA social media popularity points). How much do people listen to you?

Word of mouth is definitely the best way of advertising something to me. There was a mom in my preemie group who got a particular brand of ant traps (of all things!) that worked great for her, and within an hour several of us had ordered them (and they worked just as well as she said!). From a marketing perspective I wondered what that spike in sales might look like and I guess it would be clear: someone's talking.

With the internet and so many zap-it-to-you networks (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, and more) a single post can reach around the globe and be extremely influential. When my Otterbox cover was bleeding pink onto my phone I sent a random Tweet out into the interwebz and within minutes I had a customer service rep contacting me and within the week it was replaced. AMAZING. I liked a bus driver I had so I tagged #SEPTA in a Tweet and boom, one minute later they got more information from me so send to his supervister.

I joined Influenster in the middle of October: the above product is the only thing I've received. It's from a line of beauty products by Cindy Crawford that I didn't know existed (so I never would have bought it). It looks like an anti-aging version of Proactiv. Check it out for yourself right here. The serum is fantastic but would I want all those bottles? No. That's a big routine production. I want to simply my life not create more steps.

...which is why I was doing OCM (I've been a slacker about that lately though!). The serum did make me skin feel hydrated and soft and is one of the best lotions I've tried.

But they encourage reviews - and if you want more you need to write them. I'd like to see what else is out there. I don't know if I'll only get things if I write sunshine and roses. I guess we'll find out!

Based on my use for one month, I'd recommend the Meaningful Beauty Serum - it's light, nice, pretty and gentle (I have sensitive, mixed skin). No breakouts. Right on. Thanks, Influenster!

Hopefully I'll know if participating in Influenster is worth it soon. I've written a LOT of product and store reviews as extra credit so the way I see it I earned that sample...and then some ;)


If you're interested in trying it for yourself, click here.

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