03 December 2013

November's Square Pegs

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My Instagram shots for November
Oh my. November is dedicated to allergies and the flu! I haven't been able to catch a break lately so fingers crossed for Christmas. I'm still recovering from the flu so I won't be taking Tristan to the Christmas tree lighting. How disappointing! However, we might be well enough to visit Brobee on Friday...oh, I hope so. Looking back on this month's pictures was still fun but kind of a bummer. I mean, really!

Today I have enough energy to type a little so we'll take that as a giant step in the right direction. You know when you're so sick you actually start wondering if you'll ever be OK again? Yeah.

This was my tenth month of taking a photo a day based on Fat Mum Slim's photo prompts! YES. I also challenged myself to take on a second challenge called #raphotoaday though with no website you'll have to look that one up. It's a little more laid back and so as long as it's fun I'll do that one, too.

Reading for the month: I have been too sick to focus on words but when I can I am reading A Dance With Dragons - the last book George RR Martin has written in A Song of Ice and Fire. Be still my heart! I have loved reading one after the other and will be in a lost boat hanging on a cliff when I'm left waiting with the rest of the world for book six.

I've drawn out reading The Walking Dead's Compendium Two as long as I can. I have been getting absolutely no joy from the show lately. SADNESS! It's always been more of a show based on great potential but not enough follow through (in my oh-so-humble opinion). I'm left wanting to throttle the writers but every week I jump up and down for a new episode with renewed hope. This weekend Tristan learned how to scream ZOMBIEEES!!!!!!! and started grunt-lurching around the apartment. Haahhh! Funny kid.

Even though we've been so sick we made Thanksgiving special. It was a cozy warm day inside our treehouse apartment. Tristan insisted the pie was actually a cookie pizza.

...and that's a November-kinda-wrap-up! Forgive the typos. I'll notice them when my head isn't swimming ;)

Here is last month's square pegs in case you missed them!

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  1. I admire your dedication to the photo a day type stuff. I want to but I just do not have the time, yeesh.

    Love looking at yours, though!


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