24 January 2014

more JOY!

Recently I wrote about a Christmas gift I received: a check to be used specifically for things that would bring me joy. The first thing I got were those super cute Creeplys leggings, which I have on today as-a-matter-of-fact. I didn't know how much I'd love leggings until I got these. I need more. I only have one other pair that I found on the side of the road. - yeah, I just said "found on the side of the road." It's a big city thing...? #curbpicking

Well, I got two more things and rounded it all out with various trinkets and nail polish like that snazzy one that glows blurple in the dark (see Instagram for video - it's real).

One. I got an original art print from the lovely a2 of The Creeplys. It is Tyrion. I hung him in our living room with a little shelf where a wooden crow and Funko Pop Daenerys Targaryen hang out. Now, I'm a huge Stark fan as you probably know. I'm all Winterfell, Winterfell, rah rah rah! BUT. If I'm playing the game of thrones I would put Dani on the throne and make Tyrion her Hand. I want to win, not die. Tyrion is probably my favorite character. So this one made sense:

Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen
Tyrion Lannister, Hand of the Queen[

Two. I got a Game of Thrones purse. Yeah, I know, I have problems. I'm in deep and I don't really want to come up for air. This chick is so rad. She makes bows and amazing charm bracelets and I've been gazing at her stuff for months. Then I saw her whip up a custom bag (Nightmare Before Christmas, I think) and my mind splattered. I was like, I NEED A BOOK BAG. I NEED A BAG THAT SCREAMS WESTEROS. and so I asked. and so she made it. She hasn't even read the books (I didn't want anything television series based about it) but BOOM. She printed out a map and put it behind clear vinyl with a floating coin. DOES SHE EVEN KNOW?!

“Valar Morghulis...”

“Valar Dohaeris...”

There is a very big coin at play in Arya Stark's world.

She told me she chose fabrics that reminded her of tapestries. WIN. I don't know what's going on with the tapestries in A Song of Ice and Fire but they are referenced far too enticingly for it to be nothing.

Sticks and Bows, you brought me joy. Thank you.

[caption id="attachment_1342" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Rockin' Westeros Handbag Rockin' Westeros Handbag by Sticks and Bows[/caption]

...and to the giver of the gift, I thank you again. It is nearing the anniversary of our fire which is still very hard on me. This has been both cheerful and distracting. I've been able to add some more unique things to my world. I can't replace what was lost (and that hurts, hurts, hurts) but I can re-build like a phoenix who enjoys really odd and bookish things.


  1. I'm rather jelly of you not just getting a check but being able to use it. I had Xmas money but right now it's sitting in the bank account making sure we're good for funds instead of being used to buy the other half of our dinnerware set or a side table (one or the other one or the other).

  2. Awwhh... :(

    We could definitely put it towards bills or something more useful but my mom always told me to treat gift money like you never 'had' it, if that makes sense...whenever I got a check I'd also have to write a thank you note not only for that but share what treats I used it on. I guess that stuck with me.

    and this particular one came with special instructions.


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