13 January 2014

it's a nice day for a red wedding...SPOILERS. maybe...

reaction to the red wedding, game of thrones, clash of kings red wedding reaction
Wait, which wedding did you say this was?
Have you gotten to The Red Wedding yet? That's what Brandon kept asking me while I was reading Clash of Kings: A Song of Ice and Fire, better known simply as: Game of Thrones. GOT from here on out in this post.

I'll catch you up: I was told about this amazing series of books that was turned into a TV show and now everyone is obsessed with it. We only have Netflix, so...I checked Season One out from the library and then we wound up buying Season Two on Amazon Prime because it's A Keeper. It exceeded The Hype.

Season Three doesn't come out for another month or two (!!) so during that time I knocked back about a book every three weeks. I LOVE THEM. I love reading more than most things in life, and to me it's even better if each novel is like a thousand pages. That is a book you can truly get lost in.

I didn't want any spoilers - not one. I didn't want any for the show (VERY hard to avoid) or from the fifth book (easier to avoid) which is where the rest of George RR Martin's reading fans are left waiting.

If something showed up in my browser while watching YouTube that mentioned GOT I closed out. Poof. Brandon was OK with getting spoilers. He is still reading the books, but finding that stuff out doesn't bother him.

Have you gotten to The Red Wedding yet? he'd ask. It's not a spoiler, I just want to know when you get there...

I assumed Brandon meant the royal wedding. You know, the one that would happen at THE RED KEEP in KINGS LANDING. RED...wedding. RED = Lannister (who are the Baratheons??) and he didn't know to tell me it's only called The Red Wedding only after the fact.

See, there is a wedding before the royal one: it involves some Freys, Starks, and Tullys.

I wish there had been a video of me reading that night. It's funny that I thought I'd only read a few pages before bed but things with Joffrey were moving pretty slowly so I thought I had until the end of the book; it had to be the grand finale.

But...crazy stuff is happening at the first wedding!!!!!!

Have you gotten to The Red Wedding yet?

No...but I got to another wedding...


I'll let you know when I get there.

In my head I'm thinking what could possibly be more insane than what I just read?!

Well, if you've read the books you'll know otherwise you'll just have to wait and see...

as someone on the Internet once said:

"...and then they all died. The end." - 'George RR Martin' (AKA not really)

I assume readers everywhere will be armed and ready for the royal wedding! ::crosses fingers and charges camera::

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