02 January 2014

glittery nail polishy trinkets & some madness from last night

learning to work with resin, experimenting with resin and nail polish
hard at work......hiding my blemish!

Let's start with adventures in resin. I've been gathering supplies over the last couple of months and finally had them all together. THEN, I saw that you could add nail polish as an ingredient. As a beginner I probably should have worked myself up to this point...like, done something basic first? No, I wanted to go for gold because ultimately I want to perfect this method.

[caption id="attachment_1333" align="aligncenter" width="300"]resin and nail polish mix tahhh-dahhhhh IT'S STILL NOT DRY[/caption]

It's wicked hard to photograph glitter so I'm sorry for the blur. I made this on New Year's Eve so it's been a few days and it still isn't dry. I'm not sure if it will EVER be but I'm going to give it a while before I spray lacquer on it. That doesn't seem like a brilliant idea already because I'd just be locking the goop inside. But this is a test subject.

The next night I did a bunch of other tries ALL with nail polish, like a fool, and none of them have dried either. So last night before bed I mixed up a basic recipe of straight up resin & candy...NO polish & BOOM. It seems to be setting like a charm (PUN!), so clearly this is a chemical balance issue.

Now that you know about my small cute dips of sparkly setting-resin around the apartment I can tell you about last night...............

It begins with Tristan in the bath.

I've been giving him a little space in there lately. Like, the door is open and I'm in the bathroom but just out of sight. He talks and plays a lot more so I think it's good for his imagination and language development (he can try new sounds and words without feeling self conscious). When I peeked the water looked murky but he's a grub so I was just like whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dirty kid! He giggled.

Later he stands up to get out of the tub and then flips over and slides out headfirst like a fish! I tried to help him but he slipped out of my hands leaving thick bubbling film everywhere I touched him. Aaa + huh?!

I see the new bottle of apple Suave floating in the tub................squeezed empty. OHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the water wasn't dirty, it was just deeply saturated with soap. GREAT! I toweled him off as fast as possible because he was pretty freaked out.

About ten minutes later he came into the dining room. He was babbling away and just kind of roaming around looking at things. TEN SECONDS. He was right in front of me but I looked down for 10 seconds. In that time he grabbed one of the unset resin molds that I thought was out of his reach and was having a blast squishing it and watching glitter, polish, and ooze blast out from the little pink dish. !!!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW STICKY RESIN IS?! Gahh.

He looked at me and giggled. That's when I noticed the black eye from the slippery fish incident.

::pulls curtain::

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