29 March 2014

busy bee and turning three

going round and round round again
going round and round round again
I'm still not sure how I feel about Wordpress. It's nagging at me. I write less and then when I have time I feel discouraged because something I want to click and change now takes plugins and tweaks and coding that eats up the time I have and the result is: nothing. Like tonight I thought, oh, I will set it up so I can update via e-mail but alas...I couldn't figure it out. So I'm considering returning to blogger.

No shame! I would rather post something than nothing.

Writing is important to me.

Wise words repeated by any author ever interviewed, but this time it's Neil on CNN:

CNN: What advice do you have for writers who have read your work and want to try their hand at it? What pitfalls should be avoided?

Gaiman: The biggest pitfall to avoid is not writing. Not writing is really, really easy to do, especially if you're a young writer. The hope that elves will come in the night and finish it for you, is a very common one to have. That is my main recommendation. You have to write, and you have to finish what you write and beyond that, it's all detail.

So little one had his third birthday and I didn't write about it. The elves didn't come, they didn't tell you that he blew all his candles out by himself. That he runs around saying "Hap-Birthday to meeeeeeee!" and he's "Two! Threeee!"

We didn't have a party this year because while I might be a first time mom to an only child I am getting wise: this would be the last year he didn't ask for anything. Why not just hunker down and enjoy a small family affair? and so we did. Pizza and cake and presents. It was a perfect sorta day.

Now, as the rain is finally letting up I will go read myself to sleep.

Good night.


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