01 April 2014

he is three.

happy birthday, happy birthday
happy birthday, happy birthday

and still excited over celebrating. My family came this weekend and we had a pizza party with ice cream cone cupcakes. I was feeling nostalgic. It turns out Tristan is very excited for cones but doesn't actually like them so they were basically frosting holders.

He has been napping all afternoon (unusual for him) leaving me with some quiet time to battle yet another migraine. They plague me as always - frequently and powerfully. I took half an Imitrex but I can't tell if it's working, and when it does it will leave me feeling sick anyway.

Oh well.

I have lots of things to make! My dad brought me a drill so hopefully I can figure that out safely. I am very careful with my jewelry clasps and don't want them to budge. Currently I glue them on and then cover it with resin. I'm excited to try but won't until migraine-free, promise. It's even hard to type. The end.

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