28 July 2014

Pretty Polish & Pendants

Nails and photography all done by Cheyenne of CDBNails143, pendants by me! Urban Flowerpot Designs

I really wanted to share these photos because they came out beautifully! My friend Cheyenne sent me a bunch of glitter that she uses in her indie nail polish line, CDB Lacquer, and I embedded them into my resin glitterbomb dots. I've always done my own mixes so this was a switcheroo custom request - she wanted them to match her polishes. They're one of my favorite things to make. Simple, delicate, and sparkly. Even if they aren't tipping over with glitter all the time; sometimes less is more.

Polishes by CDB Lacquer - Pendants by Urban Flowerpot Designs

There are a couple themes I have in the works because I know it's hard to decide on a color combination and often people prefer to select something already put together. Most of my resin work is custom so we'll see how this goes! In the works are 80's movie themed dots and coming this Halloween-time: slasher flicks!

I'm pretty excited! I welcome any suggestions for future themes either for yourself or as a collection idea. Want me to interpret Saved by the Bell in glitter? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Smurfs, Popples, or  Audrey Hepburn? a field of poppies? Keep thinking outside the box and I'll make it happen...in glitter.

Special thanks to Cheyenne for letting me use her beautiful images. Please be sure to visit her personal blog where she shares lots of fabulous photos and reviews on other indie nail polishes.

Visit Urban Flowerpot Designs for all my little pretties. <3

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