19 August 2014

"...tell these people something they don't know about me."

"I know everything [he's] got to say against me."

what kind of writer would i be
if i didn't touch on bad poetry?
yeah, it's been a while 
but that doesn't mean i won't...

here's what you think
you think i've got something to hide
but you're wrong
i wear my inside out

so back me in a corner
with threats
of blackmail and 
other classy acts

all because i got details of
how you killed your dogs wrong

so you tried to find a home
but you still put 'em down
and now they'll never get up

not really...
to quote you
invoke you
why would i try to provoke you?

i don't like you
i don't care
and guess what?
i don't scare

not anymore

so go ahead and tell the world
what you think might break me
because really, there's nothing
i'll bare it all
share it all
wear it all on my sleeve 
tattooed and totally exposed

because secrets are power 
and you've got nothing on me


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