13 August 2014

SEPTA and CHOP: the weekly nightmare

Wouldn't it be nice if people made room for children with special needs on the public transit system? Do I really need to explain my son's issues when we're getting on at the children's hospital stop or shouldn't adults be more aware. Chances are if you ride that bus you know it goes past all the hospitals - children, injured, veterans, we don't wear signs: should we?

What if people were thoughtful instead? If there is a three year old having panic attacks because the bus or trolley is swaying, DON'T STARE. Just get up and offer your seat. I don't need one (but I will thank the elderly woman who offered me her seat as well last week when she saw my son was scared without me as close as possible).

Where have manners gone?

Why haven't the drivers been taught to acknowledge children getting on and off their routes? Why don't they speak up? Society is trying to raise awareness for special needs but is that confined to one day? One awareness month? a ribbon or puzzle piece?

Hello, I am a special needs mom.
It took me a long time to be able to say that. It hurts.

But on the flip side I'm teaching him compassion and awareness of others.

Eyes wide open, people. It's much easier than it sounds.

It's hard enough that I have to take my son to and from CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) weekly...help special families out.

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  1. I responded to this the other day, but the internet ate it. My first reaction was to say, "Oh, that's just how people behave in the north," but I've begun to notice it here as well (Alabama). I thought we were friendlier, more sincere, but lately it's as though everyone is so wrapped up in their own inner turmoil that we can't stop for just a minute to be considerate to folks passing by. I'm usually on autopilot when I'm out because I don't like talking to strangers, or meeting their eyes...heck, I run the opposite direction if I see someone I know well in the grocery store (anxiety issues). BUT, I still manage to be polite, you know? I'm never so into my own abnormal world that I'm purposely rude to people. I will nod and whisper hi...then go back into my happy place. I wish you strength and determination and patience to deal with the ignorant people you encounter on a daily...be well!


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