08 August 2014

Happy One Year and One Day, Cat.

I'm sure you're familiar with my published quotes on how to celebrate your dog's birthday but I haven't shared anything on how to celebrate your cat. First, you probably don't know when your kitten was born so pick a day, any day, they won't care. I chose the day we adopted Stormborn, but then it turned out it was the day after I thought. She didn't even notice! See? all good.

I hung some streamers for her to bat around. Success.

We baked a pink flower birthday cake and had a pizza party. My friend Lirpa brought her presents: treats and a robotic bug. Stormborn was into it. Then she fell asleep under furniture and we partied on.

Nighttime came and Tristan remembered we celebrate occasions by having a Unicorn Dance Party so we plugged in and left the cat at home while we danced in her honor. Bubbles, stuffed unicorns, light up hula hoop and all.

Cheers, Stormborn. You've come a long way since 8 oz one year ago. I used to mistake you for a cockroach, now I sometimes think you're an overgrown city rat.

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