05 August 2014

Secret Shopper Review: Dainty Fox Sunglasses

It's been a while but I'm back in style for another Secret Shopper Review! This is where I visit handmade shops and pretend I'm a customer (under the guise of an actual customer - terribly clever, I know) and then tell you about it. Honestly.

Since I've only done indie polish reviews in the past I decided to shake it up with SUNGLASSES! and I have some other handmade shops on my list so...beware!

Dainty Fox is actually a friend. Haha - zap! Bet she didn't see this coming. How friends treat friends during a business transaction says a lot. She'd been a client of mine in the past and I poured my heart and soul into the pieces I made her. What would it be like on the other end?


She is a doll and I was able to take a snapshot of a couple pairs of sunglasses I wear most often and boom, she knew the shape I meant and had a pair on hand. I am a very, very nervous sunglasses shopper! I can look quite awkward in them. Not cute-awkward, either.

I also get migraines when it's too bright so I always need a pair with me.

Here were my instructions: flowers, sparkly things, in a teal-ish turquoise blue, you know. Uhh not sure if more rhinestones or metal studs, you decide. Not Elton-flashy. More Lady Kier.

...and that's what I got! Quickly, too! I was super impressed. Quality, speed, and TLC. Oh, and this might sound silly but I was afraid my hair would get caught in the bedazzle but nope. Completely delighted with them!

Find Dainty Fox on her Facebook page or website where she also makes the cutest phone cases I've never seen anywhere else!
My seafoam sunnies: less Elton, more Kier (Deee-lite)

Please note the rhinestones mounted upon rhinestones - love the details!

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