29 July 2013

Secret Indie Polish Review: Liquid Sky Lacquer

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 Liquid Sky Lacquer by Whimsical Color AKA Caroline

I am very happy to present the third in a series of indie polish reviews! After discovering nail polish elves making their own lacquers that are totally unique and special for the same amount (or less) as a corporate brand/store I have felt the need to share, share, share! If you love nail polish you'll love discovering this underground world where uniqueness runs amok.

In case you've missed the others I first reviewed Wicked Polish (and have returned as a customer since) and then a second one which was a big sad boo. Now I present number three: Liquid Sky Lacquer which is clearly a GIANT YAYyyyy! and if you look back on my first post about polishes you'll see I predicted she'd be good.

Here's the scoop: she didn't know I was going to review her when I bought my polishes. She was having a special sale and I followed my own rules and secured the two colors I wanted. However, being being on Pacific Time that meant Tristan had just gotten up from nap and I had to order quick as a fox with a toddler zipping around. So I forgot to include the super special sale promo code! Oh no! But since Carolyn is so amazing she refunded me the difference! She was so nice about it.

Carolyn is the woman behind Liquid Sky Lacquer. Just her. She goes by Whimsical Color on Instagram and is very friendly. She responds to peoples comments, requests feedback on Facebook while remaining true to her artistic vision. If you listen to Tim Gunn on Project Runway you'll know that is key! So she's IN. You can feel confident buying polishes with her - she also has a wide variety!

My polishes arrived very quickly and in sweet sachets that match the color of polish you bought. It's a very cute touch.

examples of indie polish, holographic nails, textured glitter nail polish, indie polish swatches
My very first holographic polish "Pure Luxury" and on the right, "Gremlin" from the Hot Rod Collection!

Quality is what's most important, though (as I learned the hard way from the last secret shopper review-boo). OUTSTANDING! The holographic polish (Pure Luxury) is mesmerizing! I only used one coat on top of Revlon's Apricot and applied a top coat. I can't wait to use it again! It's perfect. She has all sorts of colors but I loved the peachy-neutral. Now, for my other one I went with Gremlin - which to me isn't a hot rod but a monster you can't feed after midnight. It's GLORIOUS. It's a chartreuse textured glitter polish that covers your nails in sparkle. It's not just one type of sparkle, either. Lots. I put two coats over one coat of Wet and Wild neon yellow along with a top coat. Over a week later my toes are still perfect (well, the polish is at least!).

Her website is the most thorough I've seen so far. She presents multiple images in a variety of lighting and tells you EXACTLY how it was applied: how many coats, if there is a base color and/or top coat, etc. Like, meet Gremlin and see for yourself the many sparkles. There is this one that looks totally different under blacklight and equally amazing! There are no secrets about what you're buying - the only secrets remain in the brew itself.

After I'd tried them I saw no reason to remain a mystery to her and instead asked if I could ask her a few questions and get a picture of her work space. YES! Behind the scenes at a polish elf's workshop!  So check it out: Liquid Sky Lacquer!

how indie polish is made, indie nail polish maker liquid sky lacquer
Behind the scenes at Whimsical Color's Liquid Sky Lacquer!

How long have you been making your own polish?

I have been making my own polish since September 2012, though, it can count more so towards October 2012, since I started the 28th of September.

What made you start?

I wanted to start because I saw others doing it, and I thought it was totally cool! I also thought it would be a good job while still in school.

Which are your favorite polishes to make?

My favorites are glitter bombs and holos.

Is this your only job?

Yes, this is my only job, though being a full time college student is like a job.

Where do you make them? 

I make them in my garage! We have set up a whole work shop!

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