06 November 2016

The Daily List of Joy and Thanks

These are daily lists of little things to be thankful for to help me notice and remember them. I have been making these lists almost every day for over 1,000 days on a few platforms. It is done in conjunction with #thedailyhoop (my daily time spent outdoors). 

With that, I'm back on Blogger with my first list [here]. 

1. I saw an old friend today who has been Born Again since the last time we hung out. 

2. This makes me SO HAPPY!!!!

3. The light of Jesus shines through her demeanor & I found time with her to be inspiring. 

4. We colored our Bibles! That was so fun!

5. Cat she gave us was mostly well behaved and rather liked her which means she left unharmed. That's a win since we had to extract her several times recently.

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