07 November 2016

Daily Thanks - 6 Nov 16

The name is rather long so I'm sorting the title of these posts out. But here we go for today...

1. It was a cozy family day.

2. Bran and I watched a couple episodes of The Walking Dead season 6...we used to love it but are anti-fans now. However, their zombie makeup and such has gotten so cool!!!

3. It's like the time change didn't happen. But I'm thankful for the privacy window cling on one of front windows. I'm a total California girl and since leaving the west coast I struggle emotionally without enough sunlight in my day, even if it's just sunbeams from the window.

4. Oh! I've been cleaning my office and today it finally looked like something is happening! That's encouraging.

5. Tristan saw some smudges on the kitchen floor (I know, I saw, I was going to do it tomorrow tomorrow)...but before we knew what was happening he had his trick or treat bucket out, filled with water and mopping! He said lots of cutie little kid stuff while doing it and I was thankful to get a clip on video. Coming soon to his YouTube channel (he really wants to be a YouTuber).

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