29 November 2012

Congratulations, Jupiter! It's a squirrel!

First, I must congratulate one of my brothers, Brian, on becoming a veterinarian! He just passed his test in California (where we were born and raised) and will return to Ireland one more time to wrap things up in Dublin and graduate! Congratulations! We couldn't be more proud of you. He's wanted to be a vet since we were children and he'd take care of all my sick stuffed animals. Since we can't be there for his graduation I found Tristan this authentic, Irish wool sweater (talk about LUCK) from Second Mile. I know it's authentic because those are shamrocks - not four leaf clovers. It's real wool from Irish sheep and very green. I am wearing a kelly green Peeps shirt (it says Peace/Love/Peeps). We know that you'll be a vet in the States, but I had to take the Irish theme and run with it when I found the sweater on Black Friday for $1.50. I'm sure you'll understand. Besides, huzzah, you're done with Dublin (it wasn't his favorite place)! Welcome home (when you get home)!

Last night I was able to capture Jupiter hanging out next to the Frost Moon while dangling off my balcony. It was beautiful! I took this picture with my phone and used a black & white filter. Some other people got some better pictures with their fancier cameras in case you'd like to see more.

Tristan and I went on a chilly adventure to the park this morning. He's sporting a new hat & gloves set because I lost-his-magic-dragon-boy-hat-at-Ikea ::cry:: It's the first thing he's ejected without my noticing. Now, it could still be somewhere, but for $6 I'm letting it go. Thank you, Black Friday Old Navy sale!

Enough about his style. This is where I demonstrate that every moment can't be captured. They need to be enjoyed. I am proud to say this urban toddler now knows the difference between cats and squirrels! Remember, the last time he saw a squirrel he called it a, "ca-ckt," (AKA "cat")

This was so exciting!!!! When we got to The Bowl there were squirrels everywhere and he was chirping with excitement. I leaned down and said, "Yes, Tristan those are squirrels! They're so busy aren't they?" Well, he ran with it. "Skirrel! A skirrel! Skirrel? Skirrellllll!!!!!!!!" over and over. I was like, wow. I just thought he'd say it once and I'd be impressed, but he's making a speech to his fleet of tree rodents.

Then, my brilliant idea struck: I'll take a picture of him saying it and then add one of those cartoon bubbles later so people will know that's what he's saying! ::click:click:click:: Then, we were off and running to the climber. Then, I remembered........the video function! I could have recorded his sweet gleeful voice! "Tristan, say squirrel! Tristan, what's that? Tristan, look there's another and another and another!" He just turned those big brown eyes on me and said, "Yeaaahhhhh! merrr merrr lah lah, yeah." I guess it was his turn to be proud of me for knowing my urban wildlife.

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P.S. He also sang me a very long and heartfelt song when he woke up. That was also a first and my heart melted when I realized what he was doing.

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