13 December 2012

Letter Pancakes: Pinterest Toddler Review

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Letter Pancakes made using a turkey baster (top) and spoon (middle).
Recently I found these pancake letters on Pinterest and had to give them a try - why not? Thanksgiving = turkey baster in the house! OK, I admit that I threw mine out and then picked up another at the $tore.

Tristan loves letters but is disappointed they aren't all o's, a's, and t's. His initials have two out of three so we went with that.

I whipped up a couple batches of pumpkin-spice pancakes to see if he could tell the difference. The verdict? He can't! ...but I could!

The turkey baster is a great idea but squeezy bottles also work (and so does a spoon). Whatever you have handy; the point is fun. He ate every crumb....and for my child that is the highest compliment he can pay the mamma-chef!

Originally pinned from Rookie Moms which is full of great ideas.

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