10 January 2013

Philly LOVE Bacon Burger Recipe!

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Presenting my latest creation: The Philly LOVE Bacon Burger!

I was on Pinterest again and saw someone had cooked bacon in the shape of hearts. DUH! How had I not thought of this before? Bacon = LOVE. You love the taste, smell, sizzle...and giving bacon is love. I only make bird [turkey] bacon (as Brandon refers to it) because pigs can play video games. But I can explain that quirk another time!

What did I do here? I'll share.

Philly LOVE Bacon Burger Recipe

1 tbl veg oil
1 tbl balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

Place burger on piece of flatbread (Did you know Ikea sells packaged food? That's where I got my bread! Crazy.). Top with fried egg, shredded cheese, heart-shaped bacon and cilantro.

Serve to the one you love.

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