26 January 2013

Felt Face Tutorial: Early Education Tool

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The Many Felt Faces of Papa

Last month I went on a crafting binge one weekend and made a fabric alphabet and a felt board with the faces of our family so Tristan could practice building them. Right now he just practices making Papa. I have collected photos of them and put them together so you share in the amusement (and yes, my favorite one makes three appearances in it - you aren't seeing triple)!

It's very basic. I just used a piece of cardboard (about 8x12), covered it with black felt using a glue gun, then cut out the faces and other pieces. Very simple - and perfect for young learning. Every morning during Learning Time he builds a face. Later I take a photo. It's interesting to see what he comes up with!

"Aah-pah's hair, eyyyyyyyes..." he gets it.................in a Picasso sort of way.

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