14 January 2013

Sili Squeeze Product Review

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Original Sili Squeeze

There are some products I really love that deserve to be mentioned. The Sili Squeeze is one of them. I first saw a Sili pop up on one of those mom discount sites as a flash sale, but was reluctant to buy one. Even though the concept sounded great I didn't know what other moms thought of them. It wasn't until my friend Kayla Aimee mentioned that she'd gotten one for her daughter and LOVED it that I went to their website and ordered one right away.

Because isn't that what moms love to know? What other moms really think about the zillions of products that are being flashed in our faces? Some are so similar, yet drastically different in quality. So I hope my product reviews will be helpful. Sili Squeeze has no idea I'm writing this and I have not been compensated in any way. I have purchased everything directly from their website and feel every penny was well spent. Their customer service is fantastic!

The silicone Sili comes in two different forms - Original and Squeeze with Eeeze. We have tried both. I bought Tristan the red original Squeeze first. It took a couple days for him to figure it out but when he did - he did!

The Original is a little trickier than the Eeeze because they have to suck and squeeze at the same time, but it doesn't leak. The Eeeze is almost like a straw and similar to the puree pouches sold in stores but you get decide what goes inside. Applesauce, smoothies, soup, purees...endless possibilities.

Tristan is a picky eater (heaven help me) so this has been a gigantic blessing. He loves yogurt so much and the pouch lets him move around and drink it while he's Magna-Doodling or stacking blocks. It also loves to travel! Take it along for a filling snack-on-the-go.

Tragically he broke the nipple during a particularly bad teething fit but I was able to order replacements and they arrived within a few days. His eyes lit up when he saw it! Smoothies are back!

Gulp, gulp gone. We think the red one resembles a classic ketchup bottle. He would be really mad if we put ketchup in it, though!

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