23 February 2013

Fluppy Dogs: Flashback Saturday

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Throwback: Photo-a-day and our first photo together EVER!

When Brandon and I started dating he was living in Memphis and I was in Philadelphia (but we met in Virginia). LDR: Long Distance Relationship. It was hard being apart so we did silly little things like picture-of-the-day of which I have many (fun!) and our Proj-Dates, of course. So when I got to Memphis for my first and only visit we sat on this puffy chair and watched a flashback of our own: Fluppy Dogs! Circa 1986.

Here is part one in case you're in need of a puffy chair flashback Saturday night date movie!


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  2. haha fluppy dogs looks vaguely familiar. i feel like i watched it at some point in my childhood! i think i might be confusing it with pound puppies too... or maybe popples.

  3. @Jojo gadget - I'm sure you did! It's really cute.


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