11 February 2013

Giveaway Contest! Win Kayla Aimee's "The Blog Book"!

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Win "The Blog Book" by Kayla Aimee for FREE

How did I change my approach to blogging without compromising writing style? I read Kayla Aimee's "The Blog Book" and it's so outstanding I'm doing a give-away this week.

Here is my review of it to remind you of how totally great I thought  it was.

What do you need to do to win? 

Just "like" my Facebook fan page (or any other social media outlet). You don't have to like the page if you don't want, but you do need to like a status or leave me your name so I'll know to enter you. ALL current fans are automatically entered but same goes for you - like or leave your name since I can't see you otherwise. I'll enter all names into a random drawing. It starts now and ends Wednesday, 13 February, at 11:59 p.m. You may also leave me a note on Twitter or Instagram along with the word "contest" if you'd prefer.

Sharing is appreciated!

You want to read this book! It's not only useful, but it's oozing with KA wit and is just slightly neurotic.

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  1. Oh, I might just have to buy this book if I don't win it:) I have liked you on FB and Twitter and will run off now and share your page too. Good luck with your new viewers :)

  2. Thanks, Deb! It's worth it either way :D I appreciate you sharing my link!

  3. I came over from KA link! If she recommends your blog I'm sure it's worth reading! Followed on Twitter and Liked your FB page. Can't wait to read some more of your blog!

  4. Hi Vicki! I'm glad you found me! I'll enter you into the contest of course and look forward to knowing you better! KA is good people.


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