22 February 2013

Perfect Pink Heart Pancakes!

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Red Velvet Pink Pancake Party! Doesn't the bottom left look anatomical?  Accident!

I finally found the ingredient to make perfectly pink pancakes! The secret: red velvet cake mix. Not a lot! In fact, you'll only get a hint of that cocoa flavor but the pink will pop.

Every weekend I make pancakes for my boys. It's our thing, and since Bisquick is on the short list of what Little Mr. Picky Pants will eat I like to get creative.

I figured out early on that a squeezey bottle is the way to go if you're doing more than round pancakes. Thinning the batter with milk is key to design. You can save whatever batter you don't use in the squeezey bottle for a few days but don't cap it right away or the bottle will blow up (escaping air, people, I forgot my chemistry).

How To Make Pink Pancakes Using Red Velvet Cake Mix:

This is a half batch of Bisquick (yes, he is brand-specific, I'm telling you I didn't know little toddlers had such big opinions) and only one tablespoon of red velvet mix. I wanted to try it for the color, but not turn it into actual cake - tempting as that might have been. 

When I'm cooking he usually stands on the stool next to me with a spatula of his own backseat cooking. Flipping imaginary pancakes, dipping it into the sink, and cheering me on. Yeahh! Num, num! mmmmm!

Then, when I say I'm all done, he carries this gigantic plate of pancakes down the hall, places it on his table, watches The Aquabats Supershow and waits for Papa to join him.

So...it might be a dudes' breakfast here but it's definitely made with a woman's touch.

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