18 April 2013

Chasing Indie Polish With Lirpa

I have this friend named April, but I like to call her Lirpa. It's the new Neveah. Not really, but you can steal it if you want to. It's just fun to say her name backwards.

We met at the restaurant I used to work at (the same one where I almost delivered Tristan on the sticky margarita floor). She quit because the customers were annoying (they are), so we kept our friendship instead.

She's been exploring this nail polish trend with me while we catch up on life and talk about things like Young Adult Sci-fi, the mice who live in my house, how she might get beat up at her future job, and all other such important topics.

We do this about once a week. It rocks.

Enter the discovery of INDIE NAIL POLISH. It was right under my nose hiding behind a hashtag on Instagram. #indiepolish

Wait, what?

It never occurred to me that people were at home brewing their own polishes that are, in our opinion, wayyyy cooler than most of the polishes you can find in the stores. For around the same price! I'm talking holographic top coats, fat glitters, amoeba-like foggy dots, thermal colors, opaque textures - it's nuts! and they sell faster than Cabbage Patch Kids in the 80's so you have to find a few you like and stalk the living daylights out of their social media.

Tip: Saturday, 27 April, is a big date in the indie polish world. RESTOCKS!

However, I'm not sure I want to reveal my sources because then we will be official competitors. But competition is healthy so here are a few we've been watching:

This just in: did you know there are NAIL ART POLICE??!??!?!

I kid you not.

This is definitely ZEITGEIST.


  1. Firstly, I totally love Lirpa way more than Nevaeh. I think you guys might be on to a name trend there. Secondly, home brewed nail polish? Say what??? I feel like I've been living under a rock. Definitely checking this out.

  2. Phew, it seems we're in good company under the rock ;)

    Lirpa \m/

  3. Lirpa! That's so freaking funny. (And ugh, not a fan of Naveah by the way. Just saying. ha)

    I'm obsessed with indie polishes!! I haven't actually *bought* one but I look at them all the time and hope that one day I'll have more in my budget for nail polish! lol I found this shop recently and am eyeing all of them! http://www.coloresdecarol.bigcartel.com/ I also found on Instagram, the hashtag #nailpolishsale and have found quite a few indie shops there too! ;)

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  5. Oh, I'm with you on Neveah. I thought people were kidding that it was a top 5 trending name. I feel badly saying it because I guess people love it for realz but. LIRPA is better ;)

    Thank you for the hot tips! Tag me when you see something cool and I will do the same! This was a huge treat - I've been getting $2 or less polishes except for a couple splurges here and there BUT! We got our first polishes from Wicked Polish last night and it was less than Sephora (Nails Inc). Shipping included in that math.


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