29 April 2013

Sick Stinky Sticky Bug

Mommy & Me Monday: our weekend pediatrician adventure

It feels so good to see my baby sleeping soundly tonight. Yes, tonight he is my baby again...he can be my big boy toddler tomorrow again.

We had a very hard week. Tristan and I both got a virus that hit us like a mack-truck Tuesday evening. I didn't know what was happening; I just felt groggy and confused. By morning we both looked like zombies...not even walking zombies. Just blinking ones.

He'd watch an episode of Leapfrog (oh, how he loves that show!) and then another. Then we'd watch a Doctor Who. Oods of oods and empires of Daleks.

Neither of us wanted to eat or drink. Just lay on the couch like blinking potatoes.

This went on for a couple of days. Then he woke up shrieking after taking a 20 minute nap on Friday which is unheard of for him. Despite his tremendous sleeping problems he is a champ now. He certainly never wakes up shrieking. My mommy buttons were being pushed. Something wasn't right.

He tried playing a couple times but it was more of the same but more pacing, whining, and just long fits of screaming. I tried to focus. My head was still swimming with whatever bug had gotten past my germ moat.

When I put him down Friday night he didn't have any milk and instead of blowing me his happy mmmmwahh!-kiss on my way out the door he turned into a ball of pain and rage. I was in shock. I sat out here trying to catch up on work but he was trying to kick the sides of his crib down. I got him. Nothing was OK. I mean, usually he'll be excited and watch a show if he has a wake-up. Nope. Nothing was novel.

I called after hours at the pediatrician and instead of the ER we decided to wait until our appointment in the morning. He had calmed down and drifted to sleep again. He awoke in a terrible rage about an hour after I fell asleep and I brought him into bed with me where he felt comfort and rested restlessly with no more screams.

He is my alarm clock every day...except I woke up first! Oh, no! I couldn't get us up and do the mile walk to the pediatrician in 15 minutes! What to do? Luckily they got me in later in the morning. We have missed every beautiful day this week so while it was nice to get out my head was still swimming and we'd both broken out in a rash.

This was the story of Baby's First Ear Infection. I'm amazed he hasn't had one yet but he usually goes bronchial. That's His Thing. I know all the signs and signals of that. It's terrible feeling helpless.

I'm sure every mom knows exactly what I mean.

Mommy & Me Mondays: it's what we do...except when I miss a couple of weeks...TSK!

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