22 April 2013

SLAPSTACHE! Giveaway! FREE Mustache Alert!

I knew I'd love a Slapstache. The second I heard the name I had to click on the link and when I saw them I flipped out. They are mustache slap bracelets, people! MUSTACHE SLAP BRACELETS! Can you think of a more unique accessory? I cannot.

Photobooth prop? Fuhgeddaboudit. You don't need anything more than this soft silicone rubber bracelet around your wrist and then you're ready. Photo-ops will come to you. It's the age of Instagram! You'll be the one with a screamin' 'stache. Can't shake a stick at that.

They're very soft and well made and nothing like those suicide-warning slap bracelets of the 80's. What a relief! That was my one concern. It feels nice to wear - and then I liked the way having multiple Slapstaches looked along my arm.

YOU CAN ALSO GET THEM PERSONALIZED. Hello. I know, just when you thought they couldn't get cooler, YES! you can give them out at weddings, birthdays, or just like, hello, my business name is ____. Maybe you want to get extra creative and say, I must-ache: will you marry me?

They also handle water just fine. I know this because I washed them. They'll pick up stuff (in my case some glitter from a lotion I use) so don't pet the fluffiest cat you know. or. DO pet the fluffiest cat and then take silly pictures of your fuzzy-wuzzy 'stache. Why not?

Here is the Slapstache photo montage I did for all of you and then I'll tell you about the GIVEAWAY details!

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Slapstache montage: VOGUE!

They're child-friendly, but I didn't invite my son to the photoshoot because two of these three Slapstaches are out for grabs! Yes, that's right. Two lucky hepcats will get to win a Slapstache for LIFE! as long as you take good care of it, I think it will last forever.

Being the doll that I am, I will let the winners pick their color and then I'll keep the remaining one. I'll be honest: I'm attached to each equally so I'll be sad and happy no matter what you decide! Hah.

These were kindly provided by the Master Hepcats over at Slapstache for the purpose of my honest review and two to giveaway. I have not been paid or swayed in any way. Other than with the 'staches themselves.

But, don't sweat that upper lip of yours! They are available for purchase on Fab.com starting on 24 April through 1 May, '13. Worth it.


Giveaway begins at 12 a.m. EST Monday, 22 April, and runs through 11:59 Wednesday, 24 April. There are ways to increase your chances of winning so be greedy and return each day to re-enter because you enter once/day!

Please remember, though, that I will be handling shipping & handling myself. Out of my pocket and on my mommy watch. I will send them out by the end of the week...or at the latest the following Monday, 29 April. I might include a puffy sticker or two.

If you'd like to share this radical contest here is the link to share (or add as a widget on your own blog): http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/share-code/MTBmNTgwY2NiMDg3NGRmYmQ4ZDc5ODIwZTc1YzBhOjA=/

Good luck, darlings! May the odds be ever in your favor.


  1. I want to win because I love mustaches! We were thinking of doing a mustache party when Hunter turns 1 even!

    1. That is supercute! I pin a lot of mustache ideas. That's actually how I heard about these - they started following my mustache board! Haha, 'luck :D

  2. I am a collector of slap bracelet of sorts and a Slapstache would be an amazing addition to it :)

    1. Now THAT is pretty awesome. I've never heard of anyone who had that as a thing :)

  3. This is so cute! I might have to fight Pumpkin for it, if I win. ;-)

    1. I'm sorry the random generator didn't place the odds in your favor but they're on Fab.com until May 1 :)


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