07 May 2013

Exclusive: Tour My First Apartment

Memory Lane: the evolution of my decor-style.

Oh, that feeling when you finally have your own apartment! Although when you live in a major city you definitely still have a roommate and chances are you had to find that person on the internet. Yikes. I got this place (which was right in the heart of Central Sq, Cambridge) in '97 though a friend of a friend.

When these photos were taken I'd finally made the switch to the larger bedroom. My roommate worked at Million Year Picnic; comic nerd. That was a good enough reference.

I was pretty settled at this point - I mean, I'd even painted the lighting fixtures. I didn't budge for years; roommates came and went. The decor was mostly curb-finds or things left at this amazing little second hand shop called Justin Thyme - they didn't accept drop offs; they were picky. So the owners helped me furnish for free when they'd find things at their doorstep. I'd just refinish it. I was really ambitious back then and poured my heart and soul into decorating. I still do.

The curtains, fabrics and almost everything was picked off the floor at Dollar a Pound/The Garment District back when it was a hot mess. But so much fun! I loved that place then. I don't think people had heard of Ikea yet. Getting a tapestry from Urban Outfitters was The Thing To Do.

Not pictured: cats on the mantle from The Gargoyle Store on Newbury St. Who remembers that haunting shop? Hope. The store. I gathered little treasures from there, too. Nag Champa burned nonstop.

The ficus tree lived with me for a long time and was the beginning of my first container garden. Things thrived here! I'd picked each light cover out from a pile at that artsy shop on Mass Ave by Porter Sq called Joie de Vive. There was a flamingo, cactus, trailer, butterfly, and all sorts of random. No two alike.

I made my own fairy wings and had Powerpuff Girl decals on my window...and a tassel garland (Garment District). It all makes me smile. I'm glad I took pictures of my apartments over the years...so yeah, more to come eventually!

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