13 May 2013

Mother's Day 3.0 - Zappin' it to Yah!

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POW: Third Mother's Day!

My boys gave me a fantastic day - low key and full of snugs. I got to sleep in and then when I opened my eyes they were both there handing me a protein shake in a wine glass; straw included. It was so cute! I got Tristan dressed in my favorite outfit (Depeche Mode shirt - still fits!) and then got dolled up in my new King Fog shirt (it's amazing) and put my King Skull ring on from last Mother's day. Along with my Origami Owl necklace I was decked in mama-bling. Brandon sported a white tee and jeans; classic handsomeness. 

I knew what Tristan wanted to do. I mean, he left his big wheels by my bed the night before and while I was sleeping in he'd moved it in front of the door to the apartment. Hint, hint, right? Last night a storm blew through town and lowered the humidity so it was pretty perfect. Bright sun, puffy clouds, cool but not cold. If there was a soundtrack it would have been by The Orb...remember Little Puffy Clouds? Love it.

Family photo antics.

Here's the rest in bullet points of awesomeness:

  • pink shiny card addressed to BABE
  • time to play Limbo
  • naptime for all!
  • crafted zombies with Buffy on in the background
  • hooped even though it was windy
  • special Thai food delivery dinner
  • I read
  • ice cream
  • now I'm going to watch Doctor Who and give myself a pedicure 
...and because I had a preemie this was my third mother's day. My first was in NICU and second was moonpie FUN!.

Big Wheel Super Hero!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome Mother's Day!

    I'm glad there are moms like you!!!


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