23 May 2013

Why I Keep a Blog...

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My Little Prince

I don't want to forget a moment but I know that it's inevitable. However, with all the neat-o technology that's come out since we were kids it makes saving those moments much easier. ...maybe too easy? We'll have to see what our children think about all this when they're older, and who knows where technology will be then! The laptop I'm sitting at right now will be archaic and laughable - it almost is already. Digital time flies faster than life.

This is a documentation of life as I'm living it. Honest emotions at the time leading me (eventually) to reflective growth...orrr something like that! We're all changing and evolving but usually can't tell unless we're looking back at hard evidence. If this was my first blog I'd be saying things like ::huggles:: and nonsense words a LOT. Everything had an ::action:: or ::emotion::. I still do ::that:: even though it's more hip to do # this and before that < you'd geek out > and then < /geek out >.

It's also a zeitgeist catalog. <--that is one of my favorite words ever (zeitgeist not catalog). I want to put all these trendy ghost-moments in a bottle to let them all out later. I wish digital had existed throughout my lifetime so we could take a walk down scrapbook lane. I used to really like making French beaded flowers...before that there was a kandee jewelry-making phase, perfumes that looked like snowglobes, and always collages/mixed media. Cross stitch, customizing frames, bedazzling mirrors, poetry, homemade sachets, decorative hair clips, knitting scarves, embroidering clothing...

What else was it I wanted to say? Oh yeah! Moms forget a lot. It begins with pregnancy brain but is immediately followed by mommy brain...then I guess we just go senile. While I love that my mom seems to only remember the good things there are times I want to know about the challenges. Did I throw myself on the floor when I was two and couldn't have cake for breakfast? Did I really eat everything? 

Things have been going great here with Tristan - until a couple days ago. That's when the first of his two-year molars started to push. It's been really hard. He's usually so laid back and happy which helps me know that something specific is wrong when he acts differently. It's been Meltdown City here lately (c'monnn, molars!). But every night I check in on him, and in his peaceful sleep I can feel every molecule of stress evaporate.

In the long run I want to be able to recall how things really were instead of selective memory.

Why do you blog? If you don't blog, what other social media do you use to document your life?

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