14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 4.0

owl wrist cuff, owl cuff, owl bling, valentine theme gift
Valentine Owl Cuff! It's so twinkly and awesome. LOVE!

Valentine's Eve. Big puffy snowflakes just started falling from the sky as I began to type and we shared a kiss. It's a beautiful night. Baby Valentine is tucked in and we've been sharing memories.

I can't wait to give you your present! You have a theme, you know. I do? Birds? No, that's not the theme. Well, you got me that kiwi pillow, a sparrow on my Kindle cover, a...bee! Oh you got me some things with bees. Is my theme wings? Oh...you're right. You have two themes, then.

It turns out my second theme is receiving a cuff on Valentine's Day (a cuff with wings!). My first-ever present from Bee was a bee cuff - and there is a really super duper sappy love story that goes along with it right here!

Bee cuff. Bees also have wings.

Baby Valentine tucked a treat into his Papa's work bag so he can have a surprise when he misses us at work tomorrow. I gave him a romantic single-serve blender for protein shakes on the go or made mid-day at work. It seems we know each other's taste pretty well. He's always been so thoughtful.

Last year we had a pizza on our third Valentine's Day.

On our second Valentine's I was pregnant and the weather was mild. We walked hand in hand to a local Indian restaurant.

We have another Valentine tradition but that isn't until around the 17th when we make a very pink Valentine Gingerbread House!

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day - with
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