09 July 2013


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Would you believe me if I told you there are over 30 little things to find in here? For real! I'm still adding to it so I keep a running list (because wouldn't that be frustrating to not know if you'd found them all or what you're even looking for?!).

This is something you can make for your little ones or just as a coffee table game. I used to have an official I Spy in one of my apartments and people loved fiddling with it when they came over.

How to DIY an I-SPY

  • Empty container! I like jugs like this animal cracker bear but you can find them holding pretzel rods and cheese balls or whatever. 
  • Several bags of lentils. I think this is four or five bags worth. Its level is 'easy', though its level 'difficult' for Tristan. It's even hard for him to turn (it's big!) so usually I put it on a table or we roll it on the floor.
  • The more lentils you add the more complex it becomes.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for little trinkets! It can get interesting and it's like a treasure hunt to put it together.
Here's what's in mine so far:

yellow traffic cone
roller skate
yellow jax
small pig w/ stripes
centipede frankenstein
green apple
green ball
blue ball
pink shoe
yellow cat
green thing shapped like III/
green guitar barrette
army guy
yellow monkey
yellow fire hydrant
peach teacup
bowl of carrots
red safety pin
paperclipe - large
big googly eye 
gold bead
doc martin button 
yellow wood duck
yellow plastic bird
finger monster
plastic apple
silver push pin
papa's key to old apt
pink & blue dragon
pink grapes
blue sward
silver skull & cross bones


  1. Ok, confession. I feel really dumb even asking this but I never really got what this was. Are you supposed to open the lid and look for different objects? Or do you just turn the container around with the lid closed, looking for them? If its the latter, don't the kids try to open it?

    Haha excuse my ignorance...

    1. HAHA NO YOU DON'T TAKE THE LID OFF! Do you take the stickers off a Rubix Cube?! ;) Yeah, you turn it and try to find everything but often you see the same stuff over and over and it can be frustrating. I tried to make some easy and others really hard. When I'm done I'll hot glue it shut but he can't twist yet (not that hard!). Same with sensory bottles :)


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